Hello world.

I really feel so bad. I think everyone hates me. Everyone starts to leave me behind. Alone. Everyone doesnt know that im still alive. I mean exist. 

I dont have any friends. They just forget about me. They just happy without me. They just leave me for a while. I guess. Its really hurt when you saw your friends, mentioning each other, at twitter or facebook, laughing "lol" "you're so funny" "i miss you babe" "jom hang" without YOU. Auchhh, so hurt.

I dont know why, i dont have any friends. I dont have any classmates. Bcs they all forget about me. Bila susah baru cari. Bila senang selalu kena tinggal. Hahaha semua pernah rasa an? Atau ini semua hanya permainan dalam fikiran aku? Maybe lah. 

When your friends go hang out, you doesnt know anything. Tup tup nampak member update gambar dalam insta. Without YOU. Hahahahahahahahaha pedihnya. Rasa nak menangis. Sebab rasa dilupakan. Hahaha k

But thanks to Aisyah, whos always support me. Always make me laugh. A sakai girl who never forget about me T.T

"you dont need them, you have us. Me, hanis, wani, atikah & natasya" yes. I have them :') 

Im sorry for my grammar mistakes.


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